Let’s Talk Self Publishing & Quality

This is pretty simple. I did illustration work for a wonderful lady who decided to publishing POD with Amazon’s self publishing services (now KDP). It all sounds great and if you just want to make a book for family/friends or a small local group/charity this might be a great way to go. But I want to talk about my experience from the consumer point of view.

See, I order a book from every author I illustrate for. It’s just something I do to support the author and to have a copy or two for my portfolio collection. Even if the author gifts me a copy, which happens often, I purchase one. Soft cover children’s picture books by Amazon’s KDP fulfillment centers always arrive the same. They are shoved into a big brown envelope that is NOT marked “keep flat” and there is no thin cardboard or anything to protect the book within the parcel. It might not be a big deal to you but if you are an author who wants to be a career children’s book writer you probably love your books and would be broken hearted to know that this is how it arrives. I ordered the book with other items and it still arrived alone and packaged this way.

My daughter and I own a cute little publishing company in addition to my illustration services. We stock and fulfill book sales from here. We care about our books so they are packaged with a cardstock backer and labeled “do not bend” so that the post office will take care of the books we create with our authors. To learn more about the sister publishing company of Farm Dog Design visit Farm Dog Books face book page or the website at

But look beyond crumpled up Amazon delivery appearance – my illustrations look super cool formatted and printed into a book!

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