Playful Promotion Through Animation

Even simple animations require expertise and the right software.  That means investing in yourself and your business if you decide that animation is a great advertising choice for you.  How do you know if animation is right for your business?… answering YES to one or more of these simple questions makes animation right for your business marketing strategies:

  1. Are you looking for fresh and eye catching imagery to use in your social media marketing posts?
  2. Does your blog need some “life” breathed into it?
  3. Do you know that video sells better than still images but you hate being on camera?

Video watching is one of the most common activities performed online.  Animation draws your potential client in with sound, movement, sometimes comedy and always emotion.  It creates an “experience” and entertainment for your viewer rather than just being a flat advertisement.

Powerful Consistent Presentation

When we work with an author to illustrate a children’s book, our added animation skills allow us to create coordinating “cartoon” snippets you can use to advertise your book in a more engaging way.  This type of advertising is perfect for marketing to children and parents.  What child does not love moving cartoon filled with music or funny sounds and expressive characters?

Part of an animations power in the marketplace lies in the fact that it can literally be viewed 24/7. Where viewers quickly grow bored with photos and text, a fun animation is more likely to be shared with your friends, posted to your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter as well. So, it is a one-time investment that pays for itself over and over again. 

What We Can Do

In many cases we can animate art that was not created by us BUT we have much better control and can create some really cool stuff when we have all the original sketches and files in our reach.  Reach out to us today for more information about our animation services.

 Not Just for Authors

Of course, animated marketing is not just for authors.  Animation is a great platform for all kinds of businesses to use to market their goods in services in a fresher, more entertaining way.  You don’t have to be a children’s book author for us to create animations for your business.

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