What can you do with stories or poems that are too short to publish as a book?

Most publishers don’t want to be bothered with short stories. But we do some creative things we cute little poems and tales that other publishers don’t.

Make A Collection – Put several short stories together in one storybook. Usually these are all short stories by the same author. Sometimes they also have something in common… all stories about dogs, or all bedtimes stories, etc…

Make A Lunch Box Book – Yes, we market a line of miniature books we call Lunch Box Books. These are small books that fit inside a sandwich bag and can go into a child’s lunchbox for something to read during snack time or recess.

Transform it into a Hello Story – Our Hello Story card are the greeting card with a full storybook inside! We use short stories to create adorable little books that go into a pocket inside our greeting cards. They are designed just for kids and a great way to send a Happy Birthday, Get Well or any message to a child.

Sing Your Story – We also create Sing Along Stories. These books are CD sized and come with a CD accompanying song and lyrics to the song are added to the back of the book. What child does not love music?

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